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What BBA Exposure is all about

Shaylen & Jalen Burnett- Owners of Burnett Baller Academy

The BBA Exposure program is not a “recruiting agency”, but instead we are a service program. The goals are for the athlete and parents to learn how the college recruiting process works and for us to formulate a plan as to how we can help navigate through the process together for a desired result academically as well as athletically. The basketball recruiting world is tough and somewhat unforgiving, that old saying rings true "you only get one chance to make a good first impression" so we want our athletes to be prepared to present themselves in the best light possible at all times. 

Being honest and direct with college coaches when they ask questions about players in or out of program, a trusting relationship must be established. Instead of trying to over promote a player, we allow the colleges to do their job and then follow up to get an idea of where each player stands in their eyes. 

Some players may take a little longer than others in the recruiting process, but the longer they stay with it and the more patient they are, they’ll see their dreams of playing in college more than likely come true.

The BBA will never promise any parent or player a scholarship,  that's because as we state “We don’t work for any college coaching staff and we are not privy to their daily meetings as to know how their roster is shaping up”.   

Creating videos does help, college visits help as well… but the more correct skill work they receive and then the application of that skill work in games, "with the lights on" is what begins to set things in motion for players, being able to perform under the "bright lights" is a must! Patience is the critical key component when it comes to college recruiting. It is not one size fits all and comparing your situation to someone else’s only leads to heartache and in reality is a distraction from you improvement as a player. 

Social media helps, someone calling a coach helps, posting videos helps… relationships matter though and when you have the credibility to pick up the phone and be able to reach out to a college or universities staff member is "difference maker." We the BBA are committed to giving our all toward the success of our athletes, all we ask is that our athletes commit to the process and the hard work that comes with it.